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Privacy and cookie policy

This page is designed to let you know about how we operate our site and what information we use to do so. We are actively developing the site and will continue to update areas and functionality in order to improve our service.


We use cookies to store little bits of information about your visit to our site in order to provide functionality;

Our site uses WordPress, a leading open source blog platform. It is necessary to keep a session id whilst you visit the site – this allows the site to remember your settings and choices from one page to the next. It is destroyed when you leave the site. We also use little bits of information whilst you are visiting the site to maintain a uniform user experience – for example, remembering which tab you have clicked when you refresh a page. They are destroyed when you exit the site.

We and our partner Ordnance Survey also use Google Analytics to inform us of usage and behaviour of our visitors whilst on our site. This information is anonymous and does not identify you to us in any way. These cookies (typically _utma and _utmz) remain valid for a year. The information collected allows us to see what pages are viewed and for how long – also how people use the site and when. This information is important to us as it allows us to focus our efforts in the areas most used and needed by our visitors. No personally identifiable information is stored or collected.

 Data Protection

We also ask you if you would like to be kept up to date with changes to the site and important information from the Council. You can supply your email address for this purpose. We will not share your email address with any 3rd party and will not use your address ourselves for anything other than the purpose above. You are free to remove your email address from our site by clicking on the link provided in every email or by contacting us directly.

If you use the site contact information, we will receive an email with the details you have provided and some information about the page you visited. These will be used solely in contacting you about your query or for subsequent queries and to help diagnose any issues you report only.

There is the option to use our site to contact 3rd parties (Witney Town Council and the Back Lane Allotments owner). We use the contact form to avoid exposing their email address directly on the site. By using the contact form an email will be sent with the details you provide to the 3rd party only. We make a record of your contact as if you had contacted us as the same software is used, however your email is not sent to anyone in the Parish Council.

The Data Controller for Ducklington Parish Council is the Clerk.

More information

If you would like more information on cookies and cookie law we suggest you use the site About Cookies which gives an good explanation and details of how to control your cookies in most modern browsers.

We provide a small site, if you would like to know more please contact us.

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