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Parish Council Land and Buildings     

Below is a list of the land and buildings owned by Ducklington Parish Council:


Situated between the A415 and the Shell petrol station is owned by Oxfordshire County Council, but Ducklington Parish Council operate the site.

Open Spaces

Barthlomew Close

This large area of open space is owned by the Parish Council


This land is owned by Sir Randle Guy Feilden (or his successors in title) and the Parish Council has, since November 1971, held a memorandum of agreement to use the land as “the village playing ground”

Centre of Peel Close/footpath to Lovell Close

These open spaces are owned and managed by the Parish Council

Village green and pond

The Parish Council own this site


The Parish Council is responsible for the two playgrounds in the village – one on the open space known as Chalcroft( above), at the junction of Curbridge Road and Witney Road, and one known as Glebelands between the tennis court and sports pavilion at the car park on Aston Road.

Sports Field

The Parish Council owns the major area of the sports field.

However, an area at the far end (towards Fritillary Mews) is leased by its owners to the Ducklington Sports Club

Ducklington Sports Club – field use

Ducklington Sports Club is the primary user of the sports field, although they don’t have exclusive rights.  The Sports Club does not have a lease for use of the field, but is charged an annual “pitch hire” charge.

Sports Pavilion

The pavilion was completed in August 1984, with the official opening on 15 September 1984

Ducklington Sports Club rent the use of the Pavilion from the Parish Council, and were given permission to set up a bar in 1984.

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