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Finances 2013/14

This is how the Parish Council spent your money during the year 2013/14. The figures are taken from the unaudited accounts presented at the Annual Parish Meeting in June 2014. Individual items have been grouped to give a better sense of the areas of income and expenditure. If you have any questions relating to these figures or would like to make a comment please use the contact us page and get in touch.

The Parish Council must set a precept in December in time for the District Council to prepare council tax bills for the following year. A budget is also set during the same time, this shows how and what the Parish Council intends to spend during the next year.


This is a breakdown of the money received by the Parish Council during the year. Some of this income may be part of an activity that also incurs cost. For example, the income from sports and recreation is mainly the contribution made by the Sports Club towards water and electricity as part of their lease agreement and the Parish Council will have paid the full bill.

As we are a local authority we do not pay VAT therefore you will see that VAT appears in the payments section, showing any VAT we were unable to recover.

Item Amount
Precept £26,500
Sports & recreations £2,542
Allotments £544
Newsletter £412
Donations £40
Interest £488
Sundry £178


This is how we spent the money we received during the year and, again, the individual items have been grouped in similar headings to give a better sense of what we spent the money on.

Item Amount
Administration £14,259
Sports and recreation £7,017
Allotments £332
Newsletter £826
VAT net £484
Open space maintenance £4,700
Playgrounds £464
Other £310


We are holding the following reserves. Some are for specific purposes and some are held as part of good financial practice.

Item Amount
New sports pavilion £13,125
Bartholomew Close open space £1,851
Playground refurbishment £4,300
Playing field improvements £1,530
Pond Swale £0
General reserves £30,719
Total reserves £51,525

Finances from previous years

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