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2012 Pond development plan

[notice]The Pond development plan has now been implemented and the swale now installed. This page remains for the archive.[/notice]

The Parish Council has consulted widely over the last year on the subject of the village pond. The council has commissioned a report from an ecology consultant and held a very well attended open public meeting.

The data from the borehole also allows for a good picture of the underlying water level and gives the council some idea of the potential water levels based on seasonal variations.

At the Parish Council meeting on 7 September 2011 this process culminated in the approval of a plan for the pond and surrounds. The plan, which still awaits approval from Oxfordshire County Council highways department, outlines the vision for the development of the pond over time. It addresses the following issues;

  • It creates more open water (which was the consensus of the public open meeting)
  • By removal of the tree to create open water, leaves will no longer collect in the same quantity and create the substance of the current sludge (willow tree leaves decompose slowly)
  • Roadside gullies will be converted into ‘grips’ allowing quicker drainage of the road and removing the need for the pipes that protrude into the grass
  • A grass ‘swale’ and gravel trench will be constructed to take the rainwater run-off and filter it into the gravel. (There is no benefit to capturing the water to increase the level of the pond as the pond is part of the water table). This should look like a slight undulation in the slope of the grass bank
  • Polluted rainwater will no longer enter the pond, enhancing the water quality and, with the lack of leaves and a natural reduction in the number of ducks, this will reduce the likelihood of the thick sludge layer from returning
  • The erosion of the bank will be reduced by the careful placing of stones to help support the bank. (The erosion of the bank has contributed to the shallowing of the pond and the perception that the water level is receding)

Implementation of all of these proposals will take time and money. The Parish Council is looking for grant funding and considering budgets and reserves over the coming months. However, the removal of the tree will soon be followed by the removal of the years of accumulated sludge and duck faeces. It is hoped that this will make an immediate difference to the look of the pond.

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3445-01 P1 Highway-Drainage-Improvement-Works Gemma Prelim
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