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Village Pond

Ducklington Pond and Green

Ducklington Pond and Green (click for a larger view)

The village pond, which is registered as a village green, is at the heart of the village and is owned and managed by the Parish Council on behalf of the parish. It is a very picturesque focal point and home to much wildlife, not least of which are the ducks of Ducklington.

The Parish Council provides several benches and a bin to aid the enjoyment of this lovely central area of the parish.

There has been concern voiced over recent years at the perceived decline in the water level of the pond, the Parish Council is monitoring the situation and water levels over the next year.

Following an open public meeting at the the School the Parish Council has decided to:

  • Maintain (a reduced number of) the ducks
  • Install filter beds for water running off the road to clean and improve the water quality in the pond
  • Increase the length of the grass in some areas of the green around the pond to encourage more wildlife.

A more detailed pond development plan is available showing the work planned to improve road drainage and improve the quality of water entering the pond. After consultation with a local civil engineering firm the Parish Council have opted to only have one small filter arrangement and a grassed swale or undulation in the bank. This should look more natural and pleasing to the eye.

The pond is approximately 26 meters by 28 meters (maximum) with a near central island made largely of stones. The upper part of the basin is exposed bare gravel, with the lower parts covered in silt. It seems to be a water table pond, and will vary in relation to the underlying water level. Brief spells of heavy rain will only temporarily affect the water level. Gulleys from the nearby road feed directly into the pond.

Environmental Monitoring

A borehole has been installed by Smiths & Sons who operate the nearby gravel quarry. They reported that the underlying blue Oxford clay starts at 5.0m and above it sits gravel and the remnants of previous buildings and workings. Readings will now be taken fortnightly of both the underlying water level and pond surface water level.

Temperature readings are taken automatically by a local resident not far from the pond and rainfall information is provided by another local resident.

All information is provided in the hope that we can better understand how the pond works and how we might go about improving it in the future. Please feel free to use the information provided on an as-is basis.

In October 2009 the Parish Council commissioned a survey of the pond and surrounds by environmental consultant Rod D’Ayala. The report was submitted to the Parish Council, made available and discussed at the open meeting in February 2010.

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Ducklington Village Pond Report October 2009
Ducklington Village Pond Report October 2009
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Ducklington Village Pond Appendix October 2009
Ducklington Village Pond Appendix October 2009
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Guidance to users

DPC Open Letter To Visitors-Duck Feeding
DPC Open Letter To Visitors-Duck Feeding
Version: Published
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Guidance to users of the Village Pond
Guidance to users of the Village Pond
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