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Open Space

The Parish Council owns and maintains areas of green open space for the benefit of the village.

Bartholomews Close

Entrance to Bartholomew Close open space

Bartholomew Close

Created at the time of the development of the Bartholomew Close site this area sits between the houses and the westerly leg of the river Windrush. It contains many old trees and is owned and managed by the Parish Council.

Entrance is via the access to the left of the gate at the bottom of Bartholomew Close. The gate is locked to prevent vehicular access spoiling your enjoyment of the area.

The Parish Council recently completed work to join the two sides of the open space together and is currently undertaking tree survey and pruning work.

A dog bin is provided on the site, and please be aware that there is no parking available, although the Parish Council car park is only a short distance away on foot.
There are also several picnic benches and a litter bin which makes this site ideal for a summer family picnic or somewhere to have a quiet read.

Peel / Lovell Close Open Space

Peel Close / Lovell Close

The Parish Council also owns and maintains the land between Peel close and Lovell close as attractive green and open space.

Whilst not a large space it is an attractive tree lined area between these two streets.

As this area is close to housing we would ask that you respect the neighbours when enjoying this space. There are no litter bins at this location so please take your litter home with you – the nearest litter bin is in the Parish Council car park or the village green, both a very short distance away.

Guidance to users of Bartholomew Close Open Space
Guidance to users of Bartholomew Close Open Space
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Guidance to users of Peel and Lovell Close
Guidance to users of Peel and Lovell Close
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