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Ducklington Allotments

Ducklington Allotments

Growing your own fruit and veg has become a very popular past-time, with waiting lists for all allotment sites across the area.

Ducklington Parish Council
runs the allotment site alongside the A415 near Ducklington roundabout.  Ducklington residents are given priority when an allotment becomes vacant.
To put your name on the waiting list:

Request an allotment

Allotment Rates

Allotments are leased on a yearly basis but may become available during the year. If you are on the waiting list you will be contacted by the Clerk as soon as an allotment becomes available.  The allotment plots vary in size with the one most commonly let being 120 square yards.  The charge for a 120 square yard allotment for 2009 was £5.57 per annum plus £8.50 contribution towards the water rates.  The charges are reviewed annually.

Allotment advice

The Parish Council is unable to give advice on the allotment gardening. We would strongly recommend seeking the advice of neighbouring allotment holders or the NSALG (National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners) which is a provident society that aims to promote and protect allotment gardens.

Other Allotments

The Lakeside allotments near the Four Pillars hotel are run by Witney Allotment Association. Only people resident within the town of Witney are eligible for an allotment at this site. Please contact the Allotment Association for more details.

The allotments alongside the Churchyard on Back Lane are run privately by Mr and Mrs R Feilden. They can be contacted via the DPC website or via phone.

Allotments in Ducklington

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Ducklington allotment news


Guidance to users of the Allotments
Guidance to users of the Allotments
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