Ducklington Parish Council agree budget for 2014/15

At the meeting of the Council on the 5th March 2014 the council resolved to adopt a budget for 2014/15. This budget includes major work to bring the tennis court back to full operation and floodlit once again. Other projects are planned to ensure the village facilities are kept in good working order.

The council has agreed to spend money from reserves and re-confirmed the money held in reserves for specific projects in the future.

During the budget process the council considered the 4 year position of the council and projected future budgets although only adopting the budget for the coming year. The forecasting allowed the council to gain a better idea of the financial position and the ability to embark on projects in the future.

The council also resolved to publish the budget summary on the website.

Budget 2014-2015 Summary
Budget 2014-2015 Summary
Budget 2014-2015 Summary.pdf
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