Jan 17

Craig Warner

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Volunteers required to help Coordinator

Craig Warner, the new Volunteer Coordinator

Craig Warner, the new Volunteer Coordinator

Having recently been appointed as the volunteer coordinator I am now looking for volunteers who would be interested in helping to maintain the ditches throughout the village. Given the recent weather and the problems that people have encountered around the county, it seems even more vital than ever that we do our best to avoid similar disasters happening in Ducklington, or history repeating itself with more flooding like in previous years.
I am also keen to find anyone who is able to operate small diggers who would be willing to contribute their time and/or equipment to the volunteering. I would also like to know if there are any local businesses that might have appropriate equipment which could be available to us on a Saturday morning, for example.
If anybody has equipment that could be useful to us, for example shovels or wheel barrows, but do not have the time themselves to contribute, please also get in touch.
Please see the parish council website for details of how to get in touch. This can also be used for people wanting to report specific areas of concern and even to attach photographs of any particularly bad spots.
I can be contacted using this form
For further details on the surface water issues the Parish Council are trying to resolve please see the reports and detailed plans on the website –  search for surface water

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