Gravel extraction set to continue

Two-lorriesThe County Council has given its approval to the planning permission that will see the expansion of the Gill Mill quarry over the next 23 years.

Ducklington Parish Council has been fully engaged in the planning application process and whilst it did not object to the application it did request certain conditions be made part of the permission. These were to protect the village and the Site of Special Scientific Interest which is home to the Fritillaries. Many of these conditions have been agreed to by the applicant.

As this is a continuation of the current working there will be no noticeable increase in lorries using the site access road at the bottom of the village. The gravel extraction will start by the A40 along Cogges Lane and move down towards Gill Mill.

As part of this application the private road that links Back Lane in the village to Cogges Lane will be opened to the public as a permissive path and after the extraction is complete as a public footpath. Gates will be installed to allow all but vehicles access in the coming weeks.

The Parish Council response to the application can be viewed below;

Response to Planning Application MW005-13 (Extension of Gill Mill Quarry)
Response to Planning Application MW005-13 (Extension of Gill Mill Quarry)
Version: Published
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Full details of the planning application, including the restoration plan and other changes, can be found on the County Council website.

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