WODC appeal for help with leaf recycling problem

West Oxfordshire District Council are currently battling with DEFRA and the Environment Agency about composting leaf mould, as it currently stands they have to landfill all leaf mould collected by a sweeping machine. This situation has hindered their operation and without the ability to recycle the leaves they are forced to send recyclable material to landfill and this affects their waste reduction targets.


The appeal

We believe we have come across a loophole in the way the EA and DEFRA dictate leaf collection, they say that leaves collected by none mechanical means, i.e. by hand, may be recycled. We are all working towards reducing waste to landfill so we are looking at strongly supporting local groups to carry out community clear ups of leaves.

If you are interested in helping the District Council increase recycling of leaves please get in touch with:

Sian Stokes
Waste & Recycling Officer
Environment and Commercial Services
West Oxfordshire District Council

01993 861742


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