Damage to Benches at Bartholomew Close open space

Benches at Bartholomew Close

The benches are damaged and no longer available for use.

Sadly, the benches on the Bartholomew Close open space have been badly damaged in the last few days. Both benches seem to have been damaged in the same way and it looks like vandalism.

The benches are now unfit for use and the Parish Council is considering what to do about them. If you know any information about how these benches became damaged please do get in touch, we are keen to understand what happened.

As coincidence would have it, the damage has happened during a spell of nice weather where the benches would have been of most use.

If you see anything suspicious or any form of criminal damage under way you are urged to contact the Police in the usual way.


Photographs of the damaged benches are now below


Damaged bench at Bartholomew Close



Entrance to Bartholomew Close

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