Parish Council publishes report into surface water problems in Ducklington

Ditch Clearance at the sports field

The report recommends that a regular maintainance plan be created as well as immediate remedial works

The Parish Council has published a report into the surface water drainage problems that affect the parish following heavy rainfall.

The Parish Council has been concerned for some time that the problems affected residents and that, with so many landowners responsible for sections of drainage ditches, there was no easy solution.

The report outlines the problem and recommends work required. It was adopted by the council at the April meeting.

The next steps are to meet with the District and County Councils and agree a work plan, trace landowners and make a start.

The Parish Council is aware that unless all parties co-operate in the removal of bottlenecks there will be little change for the residents and to this end is recommending a detailed annual management plan be put in place to ensure that when the ditches and bunds are cleared and mended the problems will not reoccur.

To contact the Parish Council please use the contact form, a copy of the report is available below:

Surface Water Problems In And Around The Village Of Ducklington
Surface Water Problems In And Around The Village Of Ducklington
Surface Water Problems in and around the village of Ducklington_2013_V1.pdf
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