Planning application – Parish Council objects to WOMA application

Ducklington Parish Council is notified of all planning applications within the parish by the District Council. The Parish Council considers all applications at its regular monthly meetings. The Parish Council then encourages the District Council to take its views into consideration.

Ducklington Parish Council considered the planning application submitted by West Oxfordshire Motor Auctions and after a debate decided to strongly object on these grounds:

  • The Parish Council is of the opinion that the road network in this area will not safely support the use of this site for the proposed purpose, and that if the application is granted, there will be a significant increase in the risk of road traffic accidents in the area. This is contrary to policy BE3 of the West Oxfordshire Local Plan.
  • There is a risk that vehicles will be parked on the grass verges near the site entrance, obstructing the junction of the A415 and the road to Aston, and also potentially within the village of Ducklington on the residential streets and in the Parish Council car park. Pedestrians would be forced to cross the A415 to both arrive and leave, which would significantly compromise their safety and the safety of vehicles using the A415.
  • The location is not on a public transport route and there are no bus stops in the vicinity. All journeys associated with the business will therefore be by motor car, which is contrary to policy T1 of the current West Oxfordshire Local Plan.
  • A large, fully lit site such as the one covered by this planning application will be extremely obtrusive in the environment of this currently completely unlit area, located as it is, in the countryside. This would be contrary to policy H2 of the West Oxfordshire Local Plan

The Parish Council decided to strongly object on these grounds.

Any resident who has an opinion about this development is encouraged to make their views known to the District Council Planning Department as soon as possible. Local views count.

View the full text of the Parish Council objection

Objection to Planning Application 12/0112/P/FP
Objection to Planning Application 12/0112/P/FP
ltr Planning Dudleys American Motor Homes 7 Feb 2012.pdf
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