Notification of RAF Training 27/08/2011

The following was recieved from the RAF at Brize Norton regarding training happening on Saturday. This will involve the engines of C130 Hercules being run on the airfield. This may result in a long lower frequency drone.

Please direct any queries directly to the RAF, contact details below.


Ladies & Gents


I am writing to give you advance notification of essential tactical training to be carried out by our crews.

The aircraft in question will be a c13 Hercules and the crew will be conducting essential tactical training which involves engine run offloads on the airfield.

The training is scheduled for Saturday 27th August, timings: 0900 – 1430 hrs and 1800 – 2100 hrs.

Because of the acknowledged noise impact of this training, each flight is carefully scrutinised and has to be authorised by the Officer in Command of Operations Wing.

We are sensitive to local opinion and in fulfilling our operational and training commitments we try to reduce any disturbance to the minimum.  However, Royal Air Force Brize Norton is the largest operational base in the RAF and it is inevitable that some noise from our activities will encroach into the local areas.

I do apologise to you for any disturbance you may experience and I hope that you are not troubled too frequently by our activities.

Kind regards


Anita Jack

Deputy Media & Communications Officer

RAF Brize Norton

Tel: 01993 897779

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