Notification of an RAF exercise tonight 25/08/11

The following was received from the RAF at Brize Norton, please direct any questions or comments to the appropriate persons at RAF Brize Norton. Contact details are below:

Ladies & Gents

Please be advised that essential tactical training is scheduled for tonight.

The training will consist of Engine Run Offloads. This will involve the aircraft coming in and engine running while the aircraft is unloaded.

The training will commence at 2330 hrs on Thursday 25th August until 0345 hrs on 26th August.

We are very conscious of the impact our activities can have on our neighbours, and take every step possible to minimise it. In the case of engine ground runs, we have strict controls in place that stipulate they may only take place between 8 pm and 7 am if absolutely essential to maintain our operational output, and only with prior authorisation from Wing Commander Muir, Officer Commanding Airfield Operations Wing.

I can assure you that, at the present time, there are no plans to relax the tight control on out-of-hours ground runs, and they will continue to be approved only in those circumstances where there is no alternative course of action.

With the pace of overseas operations for the Hercules fleet remaining so high, we have fewer aircraft available for tasking than we have enjoyed in the past. In order to provide essential training for our crews, maintain our commitments and provide aircraft for worldwide operations, we must make best use of our resources and do what is required to meet the task. With fewer aircraft than in previous times, we do not have the “luxury” of having spare aircraft available if one becomes unserviceable. This means having to undertake essential repairs, and subsequent engine ground runs, often at unsociable hours.

Although I cannot go into detail about the nature of tasking, I can assure you that if the aircraft in question had not been brought to serviceability, there would have been a significant impact on our ability to meet one of our operational commitments the following day.

The requirement to maintain our crews, and our aircraft, at the highest state of operational preparedness must be addressed, and I hope you understand that, bearing in mind your proximity to the Station, it is inevitable that you will be exposed to some degree of aircraft noise.

I hope this response goes some way to addressing your concerns, and please accept our continuing assurance that we will endeavour to do all we can to minimise the impact of our activities on our neighbours.

Kind regards


Anita Jack
Deputy Media & Communications Officer
RAF Brize Norton
Tel: 01993 897779

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