Fibre Optic Broadband to come to Ducklington

photo of BT Openreach at work in a van

BT Openreach manage the infrastructure that delivers broadband and telephone services.

BT Openreach, who provide all the infrastructure for BT and other ADSL based broadband providers have submitted two planning applications to install new broadband equipment cabinets alongside the existing green cabinets at Yew Tree Mews and on Witney Road. This is to enable FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) broadband with speeds up to 40Mb. Ducklington can currently get speeds up to 8Mb.

It is anticipated that the new services will be on offer to Ducklington residents after December this year. You will not be automatically upgraded so will have to contact your Internet Service Provider. You may have to pay more or change ISP to receive the new faster services.

The broadband signal is sensitive to interference and is degraded easily by the length of cable between your home and the exchange. By moving the broadband equipment to the cabinet in the village the long cable run back to Witney is no longer an issue. This means the signal only has to travel from your house to either of the cabinets in the village and therefore can support faster and more reliable broadband.

The new speeds will enable new technologies such as High Definition Television through broadband, seamless video conferencing and much faster downloads.

Further details of the new services and their estimated delivery times can be found on the BT Openreach website.


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