Rural access to broadband and mobile phone coverage, especially high speed coverage

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Many rural parts of Oxfordshire have poor access to broadband (and especially superfast broadband) and/or mobile phone networks due to lack of infrastructure. Left to its own devices the private sector is likely to continue to be slow to roll out
current and next generation broadband to rural areas. Some places may never get connected. Local support is necessary to change the situation.
Oxfordshire County Council and its partners are working together to solve the problem. The Council plans to use its own broadband infrastructure network (available to all schools and libraries and other OCC buildings), the Oxfordshire
Community Network, to get the rest of the county connected to broadband in a project called ‘Oxonline’. They will also be examining other infrastructure, such as CCTV networks, to see if they could be of use in improving coverage.
They aim to make sure everyone has satisfactory broadband and mobile access by 2015.
The County Council would like communities to tell them what they think about broadband speeds and mobile coverage in their area. There is an online survey form to complete which can be found through the County Council homepage – This kind of evidence is important in order to make a good business case for national funding support for the Oxonline project and in order to interest commercial broadband infrastructure providers.

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