Tetrapaks can now be recycled

Tetrapak Containers

Tetrapak containers can now be recycled

From April 2011, ‘Tetra Pak’ and other similar drink and food cartons will join the wide range of items that residents in West Oxfordshire can recycle at the kerbside using their black boxes.

It will be the first time that householders will be able to recycle the cartons as part of their weekly recycling collection service.

Householders have previously been able to recycle the cartons at recycling ‘bring sites’ in the District, but the District Council is keen to give residents as many opportunities as possible to recycle and make it as simple as possible for them to do so.

Contractor May Gurney, which was appointed to deliver the Council’s new waste and recycling service introduced in November last year,  is now able to collect the cartons.

“Due to the materials used, it has been difficult in the past for us to integrate the cartons into our recycling collections and we are pleased that the new waste and recycling service has given us the chance to do this.

“We are very grateful to our residents for the fantastic job they have been doing since we introduced the new service in November and hope that people will be pleased to hear that these cartons can now be recycled as part of their weekly service, along with the many other items they are already recycling instead of throwing away.”

Bob Lightfoot, the District Council’s Environmental Operations Manager

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