Gauge installed in village pond

Measurement gauge at the village pond

A new measurement board has been installed in the pond. This is a temporary addition in order to allow easier measurement of the level of water in the pond.

The levels are being monitored to give the Parish Council a better understanding of the pond life-cycle and to better inform future decisions.

Later in the year there will be a plan of works published for the pond and surrounding area – This follows the previous open parish meeting on the subject.

If you are interested, the top of the gauge is 77m above Ordnance Datum. Therefore, in the image the water level is at 76.33m AOD.

The pond floor is roughly (as it depends on where you mesure) 75.9m AOD making the current depth 0.43m (43cm or 1.41ft).

Further details regarding the environmental monitoring at the village pond can be found on the village pond page

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