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The Environment Agency have carried out a study to gather new data and information to improve the accuracy of their Flood Map in Ducklington. This includes the use of updated modelling and mapping techniques, updated river flow information as well as more accurate and up to date ground height data.

This has resulted in changes to the areas at risk from flooding.

As a result of their study approximately 34 properties are now considered at very low risk from flooding and will be removed from the Flood Map altogether.

The Flood Map will be updated by the 11 February 2011 to reflect the new outlines.

Please note that the Flood Map shows areas of land that are at risk of flooding from rivers (it does not show flooding from other sources such as surface water).

Attached is a map showing the changes in likelihood of flooding.

If you think you are at risk from flooding we would encourage you to find out more by visiting the Environment Agency web site at, after 10 February 2011, or by calling Floodline on 0845 988 1188, again after 10 February 2011.

If you require any further information please contact the External Relations team on 01491 828665 or e-mail

Flood-risk-changes Ducklington
Flood-risk-changes Ducklington
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