Virtual footpath installed

Photo of SLOW and Footpath on Standlake Road

New Virtual Footpath on Standlake Road towards Fritillary Mews

The Parish Council is pleased to report that the new virtual footpath around the old Rectory has been installed.

The new road layout sees the removal of the centre lines from Standlake Road at the corner by the Old Rectory. New white lines at the edge of the road with the line closest to the Old Rectory marking out a wider footpath with embedded red road reflectors. There are also new SLOW signs in the road in both directions.

Oxfordshire County Council, who are responsible for the highways, have completed the work at the request of the Parish Council following concerns about pedestrian safety on Standlake Road. Further work in the area will see the junction on the left and bend signs removed as they are no longer necessary in a 30 zone – and detract attention from the new markings at the virtual footpath.

Oxfordshire Highways, 0845 310 11 11

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