Householders urged to return electoral forms

West Oxfordshire District Council is reminding residents to return their annual electoral registration forms to the District Council.

Forms were sent to over 45,000 properties in the district last month, but 17,500 households (nearly 40%) have still not responded.

Sending out reminders is costly, but by law we have to send them and the cost is ultimately borne by council taxpayers. Many people do not realise that the form must be completed each year and so do not respond until we issue reminders or carry out door to door visits.

“Registration is easy. If there are no changes, householders can simply send a text, call a Freephone number or visit If changes need to be made, they can simply fill in the form and return it in the pre-paid envelope provided.”

Keith Butler, Head of Electoral Services

To be eligible to vote residents must be on the Electoral Register. The Register is also often used by credit checking agencies and can be required for things such as getting a loan, a mortgage or mobile phone contract. Other pitfalls of not being on the Register include not being eligible to apply for certain jobs which require security checks and not being able to open a bank account.

Anyone who has not received an electoral registration form should contact the District Council on 01993 861410 or online at Further information is also available online.

The cost of sending out reminders will be around £6,000. If reminders are not returned the Council is required to send further reminders and/or visit households, which adds further to the cost.

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