Bartholomew Close maintenance work complete

Photo of Bartholomews Close green space

Work complete at Bartholomew Close

Maintenance work to tidy and open up the Bartholomew Close green space has been completed.

The Bartholomew close green space was created at the time of the nearby housing development and has become an established and often used area in the village.

However, over the years the small area linking the two sides of the space has become overgrown and effectively restricted access to the right hand side preventing villagers and Parish Council contractors from gaining proper access.

There were also some willow trees that were found to be suffering from decay, and these have been removed as a precaution.

The newly cleared patch of land will be re-seeded and there will be some slight further coppicing and hedge trimming work undertaken as and when the conditions permit.

For further information about this green space or the recent works, please contact the Parish Council using the menus above.

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