Notification of RAF Weekend Flying 20th June

The following was received from the RAF Brize Norton, please direct any questions or comments to the appropriate persons at RAF Brize Norton. Contact details are below:

I am writing to give you notification of essential weekend training to be carried out by our crews. My apologies for the short notice.

The aircraft in question will be a Tristar, and the crew will be conducting Circuit training, which involves flying in a circuit over the airfield and surrounding areas, landing and taking off several times over a possible period of 2-3 hours. This training is required as part of a course qualifying new pilots and is an operational requirement. The aircraft will be operating at a height of between 2500 ft down to 1500 ft and would only be flown lower than this during approach and take off.

The training is scheduled for 20th June 2010 between 14.00 and 17.30. Our apologies for the lateness in the weekend, this is mainly due to essential runway maintenance.

Because of the acknowledged noise impact of this training, each flight is carefully scrutinised and has to be authorised by the Officer in Command of Operations Wing.

We are sensitive to local opinion and in fulfilling our operational and training commitments we try to reduce any disturbance to the minimum.  However, Royal Air Force Brize Norton is the largest operational base in the RAF and it is inevitable that some noise from our activities will encroach into the local areas.

I do apologise to you for any disturbance you may experience and I hope that you are not troubled too frequently by our activities.

Ana Dick

Deputy Media & Communications Officer

RAF Brize Norton

Tel: 01993 897779

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