Installation of borehole near village pond

On Tuesday the 22nd June Smiths & Sons (Bletchington) Limited will be installing a small borehole near the village pond. The work will start around 08:30 am and will involve some noisy drilling.

Smiths & Sons have a commitment to assessing the impact of their work at Gill Mill, and the Parish Council have invited them to install the borehole. Smiths & Sons have many such boreholes around the local area.

Regular readings of both the underlying groundwater levels and the surface water levels will be taken and, hopefully, displayed on a new page on the Parish Council website. Following the pond open meeting earlier in the year, it is hoped that with some scientific data, the changing water level of the pond can be better understood.

Once installed, the borehole will be barely visible. It will look like a small approx. 15cm round cover on the ground.

Please contact the Parish Council for further information.

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